Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly Goals 5/13

Operation Skinny Jeans

Another Monday is here so that means a Weekly Goals Link Up!

Here's a recap of last week's:

1. Don't eat in front of the tv.

This is definitely something I do NOT plan on sticking to. I understand you're not suppose to be "distracted" when you eat, but screw that. It's boring. I stuck with it all week, but tonight I will be heading back to my place on the couch. 

2. Clean my laundry room and bathrooms.

Done. Was up until 11:30pm last night going through stuff in my bathroom, but I did it. Also threw away 2 big garbage bags of stuff out... if that tells you anything.

3. Set up the night before.

Epic. Fail. Going to try this one again this week.

4. Complete a half marathon.

I DID IT! When I first signed up, I thought I would try to finish it in 3 hours. Once I got into training, I threw that out the window and said I just wanted to finish and not come in last. A couple of days before the race, my friend said to me "I really think you can finish in 3 hours" and guess what... I did! 2 hours and 58 minutes. :) More on that later.

Now for this week's goals:

1. Set up the night before.

Since I failed at this one, I'll do it this week. So that means having my clothes laid out, my gym bag packed, my food ready to go.

2. In bed with the light out and phone put away by 10:30pm every night. 

I have a bad habit of going to bed but then laying there on my phone looking at Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest until close to midnight.

3. Drink 120oz of water a day.

Yes, this was one of my first ones, but I'm going at it again this week because I slacked this past week on the water intake.

4. Try a new recipe.

Any suggestions?!

5. Clean my bedroom.

Since the last two weeks have included cleaning some part of my house, I'll keep that going and say my bedroom this week. This includes going through the closets, getting my comforter dry cleaned, the whole nine yards. 

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