Monday, April 11, 2011

I passed the test...

So many of you were asking, "When are you going to write another blog?" The reason I've taken so long to write again was because I wanted to test this whole thing and see if people were actually interested! And since a grand total of 3 of you were, that's good enough. :) If you believe that's the reason I've taken so long to write, then I've got ocean view property in Arizona for sale.

The other day, I was described as being "ballsy" from a guy at work. I take that as a compliment. So check it, my life is doing a 180 and it's been going non-stop for the past week. I haven't even had a good night sleep since last week on Monday! I'm pretty sure many of you already know this, but here it goes...

Last Friday, I got a call about a job. That person passed on my resume, I got a call on Tuesday, set up an interview for Wednesday, drove to Murray, nailed the interview, got a call 30 minutes later to come back and discuss a job, accepted the job (, looked for an apartment with Amanda, found nothing. Came back home, put my 2 week notice in, went back to Murray on Friday with my dad, proved to him that I wasn't lying when I told him all the rentals were SHIT HOLES, called a realtor (, checked out a few houses, checked out a few more on Saturday, and put an offer on one today! (MLS #57586). I'm not a very patient person. This "Hurry Up and Wait" game SUCKS... especially for a control freak like myself. Most people when buying a house aren't under such a time crunch, but when you are going to be moving all of your crap out of your apartment in less than 5 days, it would be nice to know if it is going into your new house or into a storage shed.

You would think that being such a control freak, I would already have everything packed and ready to go. I have done nothing. NOTHING. I've got a ton of boxes laying in my living room and haven't put even one together. Maybe I secretly hope that in less than a day they will perfect the Allstate commercial and I can click my fingers and transport everything. ... I doubt it. I've got some friends coming over tomorrow to help me pack... I'm thinking that will be some good motivation, seeing as how I couldn't really sit on my butt while they pack my stuff. ... well I guess I COULD...

I apologize that this blog post doesn't have a certain amount of "bitchyness" to it that Christy says I have that makes blog writing successful. I'm really using it to procrastinate.... now I'm going to use sleep as a way to procrastinate.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

One year from now, you'll wish you had started today.

Where to begin? I thought about making a blog on just my daily activities (BORING). Then I thought about making a blog about being a fat a&% and my "journey" to be a skinny mini (BAH! Yeah right!). How about a blog on all the douche bags out there in the dating world? (How would I narrow THAT down?!) Maybe a blog on all my craft idea? Makeup ideas? Hair ideas? (Ehh...)

How about all of the above?! YES! GENIUS!

Okay, so here we go...

Today I sat in my cubicle all day. I researched Slimfast and am starting the program on Saturday. No current douche bags that I'm talking to. My craft room is almost done. My makeup looks like shit today. My hair looks like crap today. Okay I'm done.

JUUUUUUUST kidding. I can hear Amanda now, "Kim, you are so dumb... omg, you have a blog." LOL. I seriously laughed out loud at myself.

So let's get serious. I read a quote the other day and it said, "A year from now, you'll wish you had started today." I took that to heart and have decided that I've got to do something about being a fat ass. There is no Master Dihn's here in Alabama and as many of you know, that was my second home for a while. I've got a membership at the YMCA, a free workout center at my apartment complex, and a beautiful lake to take the dogs on walks around. Do I use any of that? All together now, "NO!" The quote says that I should start today, but I'm thinking that Saturday sounds better. :) So Saturday begins my "Operation: Stop Being a Fat Ass" diet. Keep me motivated people. And if any of you bias say something like, "I can really tell in your face that you're losing weight," I'll kick you in your teeth. No fat girl wants to hear that. It's not like I'm doing sit ups, push ups, and hours on the elliptical so that my  FACE will look thinner. Thanks for the compliment, but SAVE IT. :) Love you all. :)

Alrighty ladies, I've got to do some laundry. No work tomorrow but TONS on the To-Do list.