Saturday, May 25, 2013

If I Won the Lottery...

It's funny that Beth over at Hang On, Honey is doing a link up about this very topic because my friend Meagan and I were just talking about this subject.

I honestly feel like if I won the lottery, I wouldn't change my standard of living very much. I probably wouldn't go move to New York or buy and island or anything like that. If I won the lottery, the first 10 things I would do are as follows:

1) Tithe. Yup, 10% would go to my church because really, when you win 632 kazillion dollars, what's 10%? Plus, I know my church. I can't even imagine what awesome things they would do with that money!

2) Pay off my house. I like my house, so why move? 

3) Update my house. Renovate the kitchen, the bathrooms, the flooring, add on a huge deck or screened-in porch, convert my carport to a garage, and on and on and on.

4) Buy a new car, but probably not a Bentley or anything like that. An Acura or Lexus SUV would do just fine.

5) Adopt a kid, because damn that's expensive... and probably pay for my friends' adoption too, because I really just want them to have a kid.

6) Pay off my parents' house and pay them back for my college.

7) Buy my brother a house and pay for the rest of his college.

8) Pay for all of my friends to go on an AMAZING vacation. 

9) Wait until Christmas and go to WalMart and just give crazy amounts of money away and pay for people's purchases and all that. How much fun would that be?!

10) Pay Dolvett to be my personal trainer.

No, they aren't really fun, but it is fun to think about! What would you do if you won the lottery?

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