Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Workout Wednesday 6/5

First of all, I finally got with the times and added a Bloglovin button. Follow me yo.

But really, let's get onto what I want this post to be about...

One of my goals this week was to go to BodyPump twice. Might seem like a small goal, but I couldn't go Monday afternoon and I can't go Friday afternoon, so that meant going either yesterday morning or tomorrow morning. 

Well I got my butt out of bed and went yesterday. For a girl who usually rolls outta bed at 7:32 and has to be at work by 8, that's a big deal.

And not to toot my own horn or anything, but since it's Workout Wednesday, I will add that I also ran three miles yesterday when I got home from work. ... toot toot.

Not only did I do it yesterday morning, but I did it THIS morning too! HOLLA!

My friend Shanna and I decided to try out kickboxing this morning. We were all set with our gloves and I was ready to beat the crap out of a bag, something I haven't done in over 2 years.

We walk into class, (and I don't know what it is, but morning class people are SO much more friendly than afternoon class people!) and her and I are standing around, along with 3 older gentlemen (old enough to be my dad).

THEN the instructor walked in. 

Ladies, let me tell you...

If I knew that he was there EVERY Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning, I would have started a LONG time ago. 

*sigh... those dimples... those muscles... that smile... sigh*

Okay, enough of that... back to my post...

He comes in and said that we were warming up on the bikes. We quickly figured out through chatter of the other people, this was not kickboxing. 

Well crap.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

Turns out it was more like Cardio Blast and they must not have changed the name on the class schedule!

Lord almighty what a workout. We did everything from weighted squats, pushups, burpees, lunges, and the list goes on and on... High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

It was super intense, but I was excited that I could actually keep up for the most part, even with the burpees. I still hate them with a passion, but I'm not complaining that I torched 472 calories in the hour class.

I've decided that since I've done morning workouts the past two mornings, why not keep it going? What's that thing people say? 21 days and then it's a habit?

Only 19 more mornings to go.



  1. Stopped my from CMH's blog and you're so funny!:) haha the part about the instructor made me actually laugh:b New subscriber here! :)

    1. Thanks for subscribing! I went again today but Hot Man was out of town. Had Crazy Intense Kickboxing lady today instead. Maybe he'll be back Monday. :)

  2. Ugh the dimples!!!! I was half disappointed that he wasn't there today but the other half really excited to hit the bag.