Monday, April 11, 2011

I passed the test...

So many of you were asking, "When are you going to write another blog?" The reason I've taken so long to write again was because I wanted to test this whole thing and see if people were actually interested! And since a grand total of 3 of you were, that's good enough. :) If you believe that's the reason I've taken so long to write, then I've got ocean view property in Arizona for sale.

The other day, I was described as being "ballsy" from a guy at work. I take that as a compliment. So check it, my life is doing a 180 and it's been going non-stop for the past week. I haven't even had a good night sleep since last week on Monday! I'm pretty sure many of you already know this, but here it goes...

Last Friday, I got a call about a job. That person passed on my resume, I got a call on Tuesday, set up an interview for Wednesday, drove to Murray, nailed the interview, got a call 30 minutes later to come back and discuss a job, accepted the job (, looked for an apartment with Amanda, found nothing. Came back home, put my 2 week notice in, went back to Murray on Friday with my dad, proved to him that I wasn't lying when I told him all the rentals were SHIT HOLES, called a realtor (, checked out a few houses, checked out a few more on Saturday, and put an offer on one today! (MLS #57586). I'm not a very patient person. This "Hurry Up and Wait" game SUCKS... especially for a control freak like myself. Most people when buying a house aren't under such a time crunch, but when you are going to be moving all of your crap out of your apartment in less than 5 days, it would be nice to know if it is going into your new house or into a storage shed.

You would think that being such a control freak, I would already have everything packed and ready to go. I have done nothing. NOTHING. I've got a ton of boxes laying in my living room and haven't put even one together. Maybe I secretly hope that in less than a day they will perfect the Allstate commercial and I can click my fingers and transport everything. ... I doubt it. I've got some friends coming over tomorrow to help me pack... I'm thinking that will be some good motivation, seeing as how I couldn't really sit on my butt while they pack my stuff. ... well I guess I COULD...

I apologize that this blog post doesn't have a certain amount of "bitchyness" to it that Christy says I have that makes blog writing successful. I'm really using it to procrastinate.... now I'm going to use sleep as a way to procrastinate.


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