Thursday, March 31, 2011

One year from now, you'll wish you had started today.

Where to begin? I thought about making a blog on just my daily activities (BORING). Then I thought about making a blog about being a fat a&% and my "journey" to be a skinny mini (BAH! Yeah right!). How about a blog on all the douche bags out there in the dating world? (How would I narrow THAT down?!) Maybe a blog on all my craft idea? Makeup ideas? Hair ideas? (Ehh...)

How about all of the above?! YES! GENIUS!

Okay, so here we go...

Today I sat in my cubicle all day. I researched Slimfast and am starting the program on Saturday. No current douche bags that I'm talking to. My craft room is almost done. My makeup looks like shit today. My hair looks like crap today. Okay I'm done.

JUUUUUUUST kidding. I can hear Amanda now, "Kim, you are so dumb... omg, you have a blog." LOL. I seriously laughed out loud at myself.

So let's get serious. I read a quote the other day and it said, "A year from now, you'll wish you had started today." I took that to heart and have decided that I've got to do something about being a fat ass. There is no Master Dihn's here in Alabama and as many of you know, that was my second home for a while. I've got a membership at the YMCA, a free workout center at my apartment complex, and a beautiful lake to take the dogs on walks around. Do I use any of that? All together now, "NO!" The quote says that I should start today, but I'm thinking that Saturday sounds better. :) So Saturday begins my "Operation: Stop Being a Fat Ass" diet. Keep me motivated people. And if any of you bias say something like, "I can really tell in your face that you're losing weight," I'll kick you in your teeth. No fat girl wants to hear that. It's not like I'm doing sit ups, push ups, and hours on the elliptical so that my  FACE will look thinner. Thanks for the compliment, but SAVE IT. :) Love you all. :)

Alrighty ladies, I've got to do some laundry. No work tomorrow but TONS on the To-Do list.


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  1. I less than three you, K-Bridge. :)